Production Process

1. Raw materials:
Silica sand, Soda ash, limestone, cullet (crushed glass) and others

2. Batch House:
When raw materials have been weighted and mixed, it will be transported to the hopper at the melting furnace.

3. Melting
Using about 1.550°C to 1600°C in the melting furnace to melt mixed raw materials, making it into homogeneous and non-bubble liquid glass, which meets the requirements to molding.

4. Feeding and Forming
Feeding the standard liquid glass into glass botttle -forming machine, and form the bottle shape

5. Annealing
Annealing bottles when they leave the glass bottle-forming machine

6. Inspecting
After annealing in the lehr, bottles will be strictly checked on Automatic inspection machine and visually inspected by skilled technicians to ensures quality.

7. Additional Processing
1) Hot-End Coating
2) Cold-Coating

8. Packing and shipment
Bottles will be packed to different destination accordingly, such as stored in the warehouse, shipped to customers and so on.

Production And Packing